Carmen Pägelow

I like to push my colleagues to keep things tidy.

Carmen Pägelow - Administrative Assistant at Wider Sense

Carmen joined Wider Sense (formerly Beyond Philantropy) in 2007 and worked until 2013 as a business assistant. After two years of parental leave, she returned as an office manager and supports the team in administrative questions concerning travel planning and the maintenance of our database.

Carmen gathered her first working experiences in the Landtagsfraktion of Lower Saxony. During that time, she worked as well for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. When Carmen arrived in Berlin, she worked for the Foundation Nord-Süd-Brücken, which focuses on developmental policy. In addition to her work for Wider Sense Carmen is also working for the Union of former members of the German Parliament and the European Parliament. She is also an honorary member of the administrative board of the Techniker Krankenkasse (Health Insurance).

Carmen studied Public Management, focusing on Controlling and Non-Profit Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Why did you choose
working for Wider Sense?

With its broad range of services, Wider Sense is reaching many different clients dealing with various topics. This allows me to gain good insights into the sector and at the same time makes my job more varied and interesting.

Tell us one random fact
about you?!

In order avoid participation in the sports classes at my school, I pretended to suffer from very strong stomach aches. The next day my appendix was removed, just to be "on the safe side.