Walter Blüchert Stiftung

Equipping a private foundation with a consistent grant-making strategy to help humans unlock their potential.

Beyond Philanthropy has supported the Walter Blüchert Stiftung from strategy design to the implementation of proactive funding approaches, grant-making programmes and governance structures. The cooperation between Walter Blüchert Stiftung and Beyond Philanthropy is a strong example of a long-standing relationship characterised by mutual trust.

The Walter Blüchert Stiftung is a private German foundation with assets of approximately EUR 200m. The foundation was established in 2007 and focuses its philanthropic activities on helping humans in need to unlock their potential and successfully participate in society. The foundation engages in a broad range of projects, from supporting underprivileged school students and young refugees to helping single parents.

When setting up the current board, the foundation wanted to crystallise the late donor’s wishes into a focused and consistent grant-making strategy.

With the help of Beyond Philanthropy, the foundation’s board decided on a strategy that focuses on unlocking people’s potential by helping them to overcome critical transition periods and crisis situations. Beyond Philanthropy then supported the foundation in identifying and selecting grantee organisations based on due diligence, as well as developing and implementing new programmes operated by the foundation itself. Following this process, criteria and tools for grant administration and project management, such as reporting guidelines and templates, were developed and implemented. Beyond Philanthropy also managed the cooperation with selected grantees until the foundation’s team had been trained.

Beyond Philanthropy continues to support the executive board in evaluating both current projects and new programmes as needed.

As a result of the close collaboration and Beyond Philanthropy’s advisory efforts, the Walter Blüchert Stiftung was able to manage a critical transition phase within the foundation. It was able to implement a funding strategy focused on helping people to overcome barriers and navigate critical periods in their lives, and successfully develop a strategic portfolio of both programmes operated by the foundation and grantee organisations supporting underprivileged youth, young refugees, single parents and the elderly.

Dr. Gunter Thielen and Ingrid Kramer, Chairman and Vice-Chairwoman of Walter Blüchert Foundation

"The expertise and professional competence of Beyond Philanthropy have made an important and valuable contribution to the work of our foundation."