Family Foundation

Preparing a family foundation to transfer leadership to the next generation.


Together with the foundation’s management, Beyond Philanthropy developed a strategy to transfer leadership to the next generation and to secure long-term family influence in a partly family-governed foundation.

The family foundation holds a majority share in a multinational corporation and is driving social change in a variety of fields. The members of the founding family, including the donors’ generation, are strongly involved in the foundation’s work and leadership.

By exploring best practices from multi-generational family foundations, the client aimed to develop its own strategy for transferring leadership to the next generation and securing long-term family influence within a mixed board.

Drawing on comprehensive desk and field research, Beyond Philanthropy developed a succession planning framework for the foundation. Field research included conducting personal interviews with several US-American multi-generational family foundations in addition to the managers of the client’s foundation. The assignment concluded with a report on best practices in succession planning, a framework adapted to the client’s situation and needs and recommendations for implementation.

This framework and the insights gained from the research will provide the basis for a consistent succession planning process in the foundation.